Our training, experience, and research focus on conscious leadership that evolves organizational cultures and team dynamics.


Our People

Our people work the work: we engage our learning model as a commitment to our personal and professional development before delivering the work to others.
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Our Philosophy

We begin with our view of development as intentional with openness, and wholeness.

AWAKEN. An inquiry into the nature of being that differentiates and engages your whole being as body, mind, and language.

INTEGRATE. To invite a transition that expands and includes all parts of our self and our emerging mindset beyond its past frames of reference.

SUSTAIN. To engage in a life of contemplative practice that sustains new levels of awareness and action.

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Our team has undergone years of rigorous inquiry and practice from a foundation of philosophical study, management methods, leadership mastery, and contemplative practices.

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“He who has a why can bear any how.”

—Viktor Frankl