Welcome to my pageAs co-founder of a charter school in Brooklyn, I discovered first-hand the impact of leadership on cultivating a learning organization for students and staff, parents, and the community. I experienced listening as integral to effective leadership. I bring this commitment to listening as the key source of leadership to my clients, colleagues, and life.

Using innovative “fulfillment structures,” generative language tools, and contemplative practices, I guide high-achieving professionals in upgrading their listening and leadership. Clients expand responsibility and experience greater influence, and leadership presence without packing their calendars or adding more tasks or to-do lists.


Brendalyn King specializes in working with high achievers: self-starters, managers, and entrepreneurs who get the job done. While these reliable, high performers take charge and achieve results, they often have little time for themselves and find it hard to delegate or produce results through others. Using innovative “fulfillment structures,” generative language tools, and mindfulness practices, Brendalyn works with professionals to upgrade their leadership and collaboration skills. Clients expand responsibility, and experience self-compassion that leads to greater influence and leadership presence without packing their calendars or adding more tasks or to-do lists.

As Program Director at Bhavana Learning Group, Brendalyn leads all aspects of program development and delivery. As a leadership coach and advisor, she specializes in increasing individual productivity and performance and employing generative language to align purpose and meaning for clients.

As one of the founders of Leadership Prep Ocean Hill school in Brooklyn, New York, Brendalyn was honored to receive a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award. Each year, fewer than 1% of the nation’s schools receive this prestigious honor from the U.S. Department of Education.

Brendalyn is also co-founder at The Center of Authentic Listening and Learning – a training and development organization that provides research, designs and programs for learning and leadership development professionals through a transformative learning model.


Brendalyn holds a degree in Business Management from Fordham University; and a graduate degree in Education from Hunter College.

Her unconventional learning includes 10 years of study, practice, and coursework in personal transformation through an ontological model. Fields of study include transformative learning, appreciative inquiry, and servant leadership. Brendalyn is a member of ICF, and has been trained in:

  • “Action Inquiry” methodology, and the assessment instrument, Global Leadership Profile.
  • Leadership Maturity Framework & MAP Intensive, parts I and II to study leadership mindset development theory and practice.
  • Evaluation of stage development models to assess leadership mindsets.
  • Certificate of Proficiency Coaching, by Coachville.

Brendalyn’s interests lie in deep listening, contemplative practices, reading, and playing the piano.

She can be reached at brendalyn@bhavanalg.com

We forget that we can speak our life into existence. Language is our technology, it’s how we co-create reality.

The responsibility for being an author is not found in some result or evidence, but in the willingness to take authority for achieving it – regardless of any result or evidence.