Pathway to Mutual Understanding

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I’ve recently come to see the impact of deepening understanding on strategy, culture, performance, and connection. Thus, I will introduce the term mutual understanding for exploration.

Even with research, it is challenging to find a way of grokking this concept. It is usually described in cognitive or conceptual ways or, in some cases, through philosophical or deep communications models.

What if we could expand such a human possibility with practices and tools to appreciate multiple perspectives and shared stories that give meaning to our lives?

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Coming Out Again…

This is a sidebar to the following blog: “Time for Coaching to Come Out and Embrace Diversity”

As a presenter at ACTO’s conference, I offered research on unlearning to cultivate openness for cultural issues. I also realized three unique attributes of our LGBTQ community, which I’d like to share as a step toward better understanding some of these issues.

First, we must come out. And we must do it repeatedly, with each interaction, to constitute ourselves. Telling our truth is an act of dignity.

  1. In 1988, DOWNLOAD PDF
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Tony Filippi’s Story – Booklet

I wrote the attached ten-page booklet for the 50th-Anniversary celebration of Tony’s Pizza last May. It details Tony Zampella’s story from Italy to Filippi’s.

Use this link to download the booklet.  Tony Filippi Story – Anniversary Celebration-2.

For more information on our family legacy, please email me at tonyzampella@gmail.com



Tony Zampella is the learning designer at Bhavana Learning Group (previously, Zampella Group), which serves coaches, learning professionals DOWNLOAD PDF

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