Our teaching comes from our learning. We support clients with practices that access new concepts, discover new thinking and deepen understanding with new learning.

Offer Introductory Workshops

We explore this work through a conversational methodology. These introductory workshops offer samples of specific areas of inquiry. We offer these possible areas of inquiry that can be designed for clients as introductory workshops that may lead to a developmental learning program. Please contact a service professional for more details on these topics.

Authentic Listening Workshop – Listening is the missing element in our leadership, culture, and in organizational life. We cultivate the attention to gather facts, distinguish shared experiences, and connect to a shared commitment. Our authentic listening workshop introduces and explores three states to distinguish the Field of Listening.

  • To awaken the field with the outcome of dissolving the Reactive self
  • To deepen the field with the outcome of transcending the Competitive self
  • To embody the field with the outcome of transcending the Fragmented self.

Leadership Mindsets – The foundation for Servant Leaders involves developing mindsets. This workshop samples the different worldviews and attitudes that evolve within each leadership mindset. We introduce methods and practices that increase levels of awareness to deepen your personal vision, focus energies, and develop intention with greater clarity.

Contemplative Practice – Eastern Wisdom teaches us much about being human. This workshop is for life-long learners looking to expand capacity for cultivating space, stillness, and silence.

Offer Developmental Programs

Our full developmental programs engage this three-phase process: to awaken, integrate and sustain development. These topics offer an opportunity to customize developmental programs with deep learning and coaching. Please contact a service professional for more details on these topics.

Listening Field Authentic Listening expands our capacity to remain open, receive concerns, perceive experiences and discover situations, newly. We use our Field of Listening model, to practice deep listening together. We engage in specific techniques, activities, and observations and share discoveries with others to create a community of practice.

Leadership Mindsets – This program employs study, practice, and intentional action to distinguish and develop different leadership mindsets. Through generative language, contemplative practices, and authentic listening we ground learning from a compelling future commitment.

Personal Mastery & Practice – Our Personal Mastery and Performance (PMP) curriculum clarifies and expands our self-perception to scope out our commitments, focus our actions and prioritize important matters over longer periods of time. Are you at the effect of situations? Do circumstances define you, your choices, and your life? Or, are you creating a future that calls you into action?

Offer Assessments

SQ21 – Through a rigorous online self-assessment, we identify and assess what is termed, Spiritual Intelligence — 21 highly developed and integral skills that identify pathways for expanding being to develop servant leadership.

  • Create a comprehensive developmental profile;
  • Identify and develop the 21 skills identified with Spiritual Intelligence;
  • Develop a pathway of study and practices to prioritize your learning;
  • Bring practical everyday perspectives to your life and your work.



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“At its fullest, listening consists of a radical openness of mind, heart, and will that expands awareness of self, focuses attention on others, and generates meaning from deeper intention.”

—Anthony V. Zampella