Where can you go to collaborate, sort out vision, generate ideas, open discoveries, or dialogue on differences? We create FORUMS for that. 

Designed for specific needs, Forums can surface vision and direction, deepen practices, and support new, unpredictable learning and discoveries. 

Our Forums include a series of conversations that explore customized client inquiries.

Whether opening discoveries, deepening understanding, developing direction, surfacing a vision, or aligning values, our professionals facilitate structured conversations, rigorous inquiries, contemplative practices, and deep listening to support the co-creative process.

Contemplative Learning, and Listening Fields

Contemplative Learning and Group Practice may be new to Western learners. We design and facilitate “Fields of Contemplation, Listening and Practice” to deepen listening and purpose.

A partnership with Bhavana Learning Group involves practices and structures that seed and sustain a commitment to cultivating inclusive learning conversations and cultures.

— Learn techniques and practices to access the wisdom to become more grounded and focused.

— Appreciate the organic tension between structure and freedom that support openings, ideas and possibilities.

— Learn practices to cultivate imagination and live intentionally with a calm presence.

— Discover how these contemplative practices help us move through feelings of loneliness and isolation in our organizations.

Contemplative Practice Fields

— We hold practice as a possibility as-lived in our lives, as distinguished in this post.

— We invite Forum participants to attend our weekly one-hour PRACTICE FIELD for our client community to deepen their practices and develop community.

— Practice deep listening to appreciate the differences that foster an inclusive community.

Anyone wishing to explore deep individual work, we offer our Coaching Certificate in Authentic Listening, approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).



Individual Practice • Team Practice


“In times of change, those who are prepared to learn will inherit the land, while those who think they already know will find themselves wonderfully equipped to face a world that no longer exists.”