We offer contemplative practices, deep listening models, and learning designs to support Coaches, Learning Executives, and Adult Development Professionals. 

Group Practice is new to Western learning. We create “Fields of Practice” for your team of learners to deepen listening and contemplation.

A partnership with Bhavana Learning Group involves practices and structures that seed and sustain a commitment to cultivating inclusive learning cultures.

Contemplative Practice

Learn to use your breath to access your own silence and stillness and bring these practices to everyday life. Learn techniques to access wisdom for centering, pausing, concentrating, or practicing mindfulness. These techniques cultivate focus and creativity and allow us to live intentionally with a calm presence.

— Discover how these practices cultivate learning and help us move through feelings of loneliness and isolation in our organizations.

— We hold practice as a possibility as-lived in our lives, as distinguished in this post.

— We host a weekly one-hour PRACTICE FIELD for our client community to deepen their practices and develop community.

— Learn how contemplative practice deepens listening that creates an inclusive community by appreciating differences.

— Discover how listening cultivates compassion in the presence of discomfort – transforming fear and anger into courage and effective leadership.

We also offer a Coaching Certificate in Authentic Listening, approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).



Individual Practice • Team Practice

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Download our White Paper:  Commitment of Listening

“At its fullest, listening consists of a radical openness of mind, heart, and will that expands awareness of self, focuses attention on others, and generates meaning from deeper intention.”

—Anthony V. Zampella


“For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business.”

—T.S. Elliot