Two Programs

Our teaching comes from our learning. We support clients with learning to access new thinking and practices to deepen understanding and commitment.

These two programs cultivate deep listening and expand commitment. Our Listening Program is designed for experienced coaches. Our PMP Program is designed for high-achieving, busy leaders. Each is detailed below.

Authentic Listening Certificate Program

Listening is the underdeveloped asset in our leadership, culture, and organizational life. Deep Listening expands our capacity to remain open, receive concerns, perceive experiences newly, and connect deeply to others.

Most coaches have been taught to “Listen beyond the words.” This ignores the source of listening from deep within. What do coaches need to authentically connect with their client’s concerns? Consider these listening facets:

This program offers an Embodied Learning to cultivate DEEP LISTENING. The kind of listening that taps into and cultivates dignity and justice.

Create a Reliable Listening Practice that considers these facets:

  • What is listening for context? How do we cultivate intention and clear attention?
  • How does listening shape our view of bias, “separation”, equity, and inclusion?
  • How can we identify and accept impediments that undermine our listening?
  • How can we develop a reliable and sustainable practice?
  • How do we train others in deep listening?

This program galvanizes you to create a reliable and sustainable practice of listening deeply, a way to cultivate openness and awareness, that will expand self-discovery and positively impact the way you interact with colleagues and clients.

You owe this to yourself. You owe this to the world.

View these TESTIMONIALS from those participating in the 2019 Authentic Listening Certificate Program. 

Outcomes & Competencies

Our Coaching Certificate in Authentic Listening program employs exercises, practices, and material to cultivate an interdependent awareness to:

  • Learn and experience impediments to awareness to cultivate deep listening.
  • Learn and experience conditions to deepen trust for authentic listening.
  • Learn and experience techniques to cultivate presence for deep listening.
  • Learn the contemplative practices to sustain deep listening.

Our COACHING CERTIFICATE in Authentic Listening, as approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), is designed for learners to embody the techniques, material, and practices. We engage as a community of practice to support each other in bringing these ideas into their lives.

PMP: Personal Mastery & Performance


More than any other word “overwhelmed” captures the state in which most of us find ourselves.

What we care about, our deepest concerns often do not make it into our day, week or life. And yet, we have a say about where we focus our time. Personal Mastery and Performance (PMP) depends first on how we perceive ourselves.

Our PMP curriculum clarifies and expands our self-perception to scope out commitments, focus our actions and prioritize important matters.

  • Are you at the effect of situations?
  • Do circumstances define you, your choices, and your life?
  • Or, are you creating a future that calls you into action to constitute your best self?

Outcomes & Competencies

The program’s exercises, practices, and material will cultivate an interdependent awareness focusing on these Core Competencies:

  • Become present to what matters most and calls you into action.
  • Prioritize what matters to constitute your higher Self in time.
  • Cultivate interdependent awareness to connect time with language and action.
  • Develop practices for recognizing and creating more future that calls you in action.



“Our philosophy is grounded in only half a language … the power of discourse is deployed but the strength of listening is ignored. We have a culture that knows how to speak but not how to listen; so we mistake warring monologues for genuine dialogue.”

Gemma Corradi Fiumara, The Other Side of Language

View these TESTIMONIALS from the 2019 Listening Certificate Program. 

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