Coming Out Again…

This is a sidebar to the following blog: “Time for Coaching to Come Out and Embrace Diversity”

As a presenter at ACTO’s conference, I offered research on unlearning to cultivate openness for cultural issues. I also realized three unique attributes of our LGBTQ community, which I’d like to share as a step toward better understanding some of these issues.

First, we must come out. And we must do it repeatedly, with each interaction, to constitute ourselves. Telling our truth is an act of dignity.

  1. In 1988, DOWNLOAD PDF
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Time for Coaching to Come Out and Embrace Diversity

At 1:20 a.m. on Saturday, June 28, 1969, four plainclothes policemen in dark suits, two patrol officers in uniform, Detective Charles Smythe and Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine arrived at the Stonewall Inn’s double doors and announced, “Police! We’re taking the place!”

That declaration sparked the Stonewall Uprising.

During the events of June 28 to July 1, 1969, outside a little West Village bar, the modern-day LGBTQ movement was born. While a vital community existed before—mostly underground—this moment energized many to mobilize, come out and to venture into the 21st century.

This past weekend, five million people descended on my home city of New DOWNLOAD PDF

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New Coaching Journal & Arbinger’s “Outward Mindset”

I am happy to share this book review I wrote on the latest book by the Arbinger Insitutea familiar research and consulting institute for many in our profession. The review appears in the premier issue of the Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, published on October 1. The semi-annual journal offers a platform for thinkers, researchers, and practitioners to share and question ideas, methods, and perspectives. It is a much-needed addition that can serve Learning and Development (L&D) professionals. The theme for the premier issue is “A Coach Approach.”

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