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The Dignity of Being Human

We all possess dignity. Does that sound odd or even doubtful?

The inherent dignity of being human is often overlooked, as we reduce dignity to feelings of respect, admiration, or adoration.

While such traits may be useful and even necessary in some situations, but dignity is more than a trait. It is a fundamental characteristic of being a human being.

With our current preoccupation with internet connections, social media postings, “likes,” and emojis, society tends to reward image and impressions. This finds us focusing on our appearance and the impression that we leave.

Such concerns work to strip away our own dignity. In doing DOWNLOAD PDF

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Mind-Opening Summer Reads

As Summer progresses, I’ve seen many lists of must-reads. Some to escape, others devoted to more serious issues. I’d like to offer two lists of books as important for your library, and for a provocative summer read. In this blog, I’ll offer the first list, six books that have opened my mind to impact my trajectory; and in my next blog, I will share a few titles that helped me venture East, specifically in Buddhism.

I’ve chosen these first six books as unique in impacting my thinking and opening my mind. Each has helped to support my DOWNLOAD PDF

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New Year: Make Time for Beginner’s Mind

Perhaps an overlooked item in times of change is to acknowledge what seems obvious: in an ever-changing world, we are all beginners.

Yet, most struggle to embrace the mind of a beginner – or what Zen Buddhists call our Beginner’s Mind – to approach life as a beginner. I offer a taste of this philosophy in this short video clip by Jon Kabat-Zinn

As a coach, mentor, researcher and even professor, I’ve witnessed adult learners and leaders struggle with the notion of being a beginner. Worse yet, I’ve seen instructors DOWNLOAD PDF

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