A New Direction and Challenge Awaits the New Year

A new year often heralds announcements. True to form, I wish to use this space to announce our new direction, which will begin to unfold this week.

About three years ago, our team realized through our teaching, research, and client services that conventional notions of leadership—even the more innovative versions—were failing to manage the effects of our pace of change and information overload.

We recognized that the disruptive nature of change—especially as it relates to coaches, educators, and executives (our client base)—and its unintended consequences demanded greater attention and inquiry.

Leadership development today requires more than strategies for dealing with product life cycles, DOWNLOAD PDF

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Mindfulness Minus Wisdom: Moving to Materialism

A “mindfulness” colleague of mine was recently offered a position to lead meditations on a mobile meditation bus in New York City. She brought her concerns to a group call. My first instinct was to plant that van right on Wall Street! Anything that gets these people to pause and de-stress can only benefit society.

As this article details, Tricked out meditation studios on wheels are all the rage in relaxing on the go, to offer time-starved and stressed Americans a few minutes of calm and meditation instruction. Similar to food trucks, these mobile studios go directly to the consumer.


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Engaging the Paradox of Learning

These times demand life-long learning from wisdom. Let’s consider how learning exists today. We often interact with three versions such as training, education, and development, each with a focus and purpose.

  • Training focuses on repetitive tasks to build new habits or skills;
  • education focuses on studying research and topics to expand knowledge; and, 
  • development focuses on increasing capacity to expand mindsets, often in unpredictable ways.

Developmental learning integrates all three of these focuses and involves another element: unlearning. This requires challenging assumptions and beliefs and letting go of outmoded views.

Developmental learning is often DOWNLOAD PDF

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