We support Coaches, Learning Professionals, and Business Professionals with a customized learning arc to awaken, integrate, and sustain an evolving mindset.

At Bhavana Learning Group, we develop leaders to cultivate learning cultures. 


Coaching today involves an expanded professional ethos that requires working with clients to develop leadership capacity that copes with volatile change. We support experienced coaches in broadening their service portfolio with methods that expand listening capacity and vertical development through generative language, contemplative practice, and first-person learning.


The pace of disruptive technological and organizational change has acutely impacted teaching, learning and the capacity to integrate resources. We work with educators, HR directors, and adult development professionals to develop First-person learning models, practices, and programs to create and support sustainable learning cultures.

BUSINESS executives 

Our way of doing business must evolve to integrate social responsibility and cultural awareness into business strategy. This awareness of social, cultural and environmental issues requires the mindset of a learning leader. We work with entrepreneurs and executives to grow their enterprise by developing a diverse learning culture that includes all voices.

Why Work With Us?

We support professionals seeking to expand their learning capacity and leverage the wisdom of all talent. Our work dissolves impediments to cultivate learning cultures. We examine many common obstacles that can impede learning, such as:

  • no time for learning that allows for deeper inquiry beyond a problem-solving paradigm.
  • confusion in the face of overwhelming content overload that results in a critical resource-gap.
  • outmoded perceptions without the tools to support unlearning, expand awareness and learn anew.
  • anxiety caused by short-term thinking and fragmented perceptions
  • uncertainty in the face of disruptive change, complexity, and ambiguity that often finds people isolated.


“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

—Alan Toffler



"Tony has a unique ability to hold the space for whoever and whatever you are working through. He made it safe for me to bring my full vulnerability and unknowing for exploration and play.
- Tina M.Senior Consultant, Organization Systems and Design, Seattle/San Francisco

This MINI-CASE for COACHES to EXPAND SERVICES outlines the story and scope of a client.