We engage clients in a three-part process that integrates Western business models with Eastern wisdom practices.


An ontological inquiry into the nature and function of being that engages your body, mind, and language. We increase self-awareness and cultivate insight that expands our potential.


A transition to expand our mindset beyond past frames of reference. We become aware of outmoded perceptions which encourages a process of unlearning.


Engaging in a life of contemplative practice supports continual learning, increased levels of awareness and intentional action.


Our team has undergone years of rigorous inquiry and practice from a foundation of philosophical study, management methods, leadership mastery, and contemplative practices.

We work with coaches, educators and executives to cultivate human potential.

We are certified in several learning and development methods and tools, including:

  1. Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21) Assessment Tool™
  2. Integral Theory View and Stage Development
  3. Ontological Learning and Design Newfield Network.
  4. Facilitators of Open Space Technology.
  5. Facilitators of Appreciative Inquiry.
  6. Facilitators of Spiral Dynamics Integral Values Systems.
  7. Contemplative Psychotherapy at Nalanda Institute.
  8. Members of ICF (International Coach Federation)
  9. Members of ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organization)


“We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”


“Freedom lies in the space between observation and opinion. Cultivate that space and expand your freedom.”



This MINI-CASE on LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT outlines the story and scope of a client.